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How to use Meta AI on Instagram: it is now available for more users

AI has been under the spotlight for a while now, with several apps introducing their dedicated AI chatbots that seamlessly integrate within the app. Similarly, Meta has been working on its AI chatbot, which debuted as Meta AI, which allows users to certainly have conversations with the chatbot directly from the chat section. Now, Instagram will be able to use Meta AI, while you will learn how to use Meta AI on Instagram. 

Meta AI on Instagram is now available to more users

It’s been a while since Meta introduced its Meta AI to its messaging applications, including WhatsApp, across several regions; meanwhile, recently, Instagram also received the courtesy of this innovative AI chatbot while more users began receiving the new capability within their Instagram application. Basically, Meta AI is an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to have conversations with the chatbot, ask their queries, and get their answers in just a few seconds. 

Intelligently integrated within Instagram, Meta AI is Meta’s own generative AI model, which is based on the large language model(LLM) and Llama2, which allows users to have text-based conversations with the AI chatbot. With that, more Instagram users have begun receiving the Meta AI, and soon, all the users will get the Meta AI experience.

Here’s how to use Meta AI on Instagram

 Also, users might be wondering and excited about how to use the Meta AI on Instagram; well, here are some simple steps with which you can easily have conversations with the AI chatbot.

  • First off, check whether Instagram is running on its latest version; if not, then update your Instagram app.
  • Then, open the Instagram app and tap on the Messages icon placed in the right corner. 
  • Here, you will notice a new Meta AI icon that looks like a blue ring placed at the top right corner; tap on it.
  • Then, you will be directed to the Meta AI page, where you can tap OK.
  • Once done, you can continue your conversation with the Meta AI, including asking some general queries and more.  

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