New 1.5 Update Feature Makes PUBG Mobile More Exciting!

PUBG Mobile developers have already released the Patch Notes of beta version 1.5. Interestingly, there are several interesting features in this latest version such as new vehicles, new weapons, and many others.

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As we all know, the developer beta version is released almost a month before the global version. It’s important to do this for checking for bugs or the like. Registered players can download the beta version, then provide feedback to the developer regarding errors or bugs encountered.

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There are quite a lot of new features in this PUBG Mobile 1.5 update. 

  1. Erangel Transit System
  2. Anti-Gravity Motorcycle
  3. Prior Air Summoning Device
  4. Binoculars
  5. Air Conveyor Launcher
  6. Patrol and Protection Robot
  7. New MG3 Light Machine Gun
  8. Throwables & Consumables
  9. Remaining Ammo Indicator
  10. Victory Statue
  11. Victory Snap

Lets explore this features…

Erangel Transit System

  • The most exciting feature in this beta update is the completely new Erangel Transit System (TS). In short, now players can travel in Erangel faster in train-like vehicles called Hyperlines.

Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

  • Futuristic motorcycle that uses levitation technology. This motor can float on land and water at low altitude.

Prior Air Summoning Device

  • A kind of device that can be used in urban areas to bring Prior Air drones to provoke airdrops.


  • Binoculars to observe enemy movements from a distance.

Throwables & Consumables

  • This update introduces new wheels for throwables and consumables items to make them easier to use.

Remaining Ammo Indicator

  • Interestingly, now PUBG Mobile pays attention to players who often forget to reload.
  • When ammo is at 25%, the clue number will turn yellow.
  • When ammo is only 10%, the hint number will turn red.

New MG3 Light Machine Gun

  • New weapon, Machine Gun with 7.62mm ammo. As the name implies, this weapon offers a unique and very fast firing mode. Players can only get it from airdrops.

Air Conveyor Launcher

  • Air Conveyor Launcher can be found in urban areas. Players can determine the direction to throw themselves into the sky. This tool is suitable for surprise ambushes.

Patrol and Protection Robot

  • A kind of robot dog that can be found in urban areas. With this robot, players can scan the area to find the best supply.

Victory Statue

  • After winning WWCD, players can build statues to celebrate victory.
  • The MVP team can drop the Victory Statue in the desired area.
  • There are special Celebration Emotes that can be used in the Victory Statue area

Victory Snap

  • After winning in classic mode, players can enter Photo Mode.
  • Can choose to hide or show teammate information in Photo Mode.
  • After that, the results of Photo Mode can be shared!

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