PUBG will introduce in-vehicle DBNO knockouts in the 15.3 update

PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the most popular as well as one of the most widely played battle royale games in the world. Recently, the game had its major 15.2 update but it is only a few months away from the next 15.3 patch update.

As per the developers, the 15.3 update will also arrive soon with many new features and changes in the game. One of the new features that will arrive is the in-vehicle DBNO feature.

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PUBG introducing new in-vehicle DBNO feature: All you need to know

The in-vehicle DBNO feature, as proposed by the developers on Twitter, is an experiment and does not have a confirmed official release date yet. Here is what the developers have stated regarding the feature:

“In-vehicle DBNOs. Just something we’re experimenting with. No target release date yet. Wanted to hear your thoughts first since this could bring a big change to gameplay balance.”

– Alex the PUBG developer

Before knowing what is an in-vehicle DBNO, let us first know what is a DBNO? As per PUBG’s terminologies, the full form of DBNO is ‘Down But Not Out’. To elaborate, it means when a player is knocked down by the enemy but still has a chance to be revived by his/her teammates without getting eliminated immediately.

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This DBNO feature helps especially while in the water. Previously, players who were knocked inside water were eliminated from the match instantly, but after a major update a few months ago, players now have a chance to be revived even underwater, while swimming.

The in-vehicle DBNO will also act like the underwater DBNO. When players will be knocked inside a vehicle, they will be knocked down inside the vehicle only and will not be thrown out. Hence, it gives an extra chance to the players to get revived inside the vehicle.

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However, as stated previously, this feature is still in the works and is not confirmed to release yet. Hence, fans can only wait till this new feature arrives in PUBG in the 15.3 patch update.

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