Cyberpunk 2077 introduces new vehicle combat mod: Features and details explained

This week’s release of a new Cyberpunk 2077 mod offers a new gameplay element that was mysteriously absent from the original game.

The Vehicle Combat mod allows you to utilize weapons while riding on vehicles. This capability appears to be available in the game’s code but has been deactivated for an unexplained reason.

This article shares the new vehicle combat mod features and details which was introduced in Cyberpunk a while ago.

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Cyberpunk 2077 vehicle combat mod: Features and all details explained

The game’s code included some functionality that allowed the user to utilize weapons while driving. It appears to have been deactivated, but thanks to several workarounds, it has been mostly restored. The player is now able to:

  • When piloting any vehicle, equip and aim all ranged weapons.
  • When piloting any vehicle, equip and utilize melee weapons.
  • Even if you don’t have a weapon, use inhalers and injectors while driving.
  • The Cyberpunk 2077 Vehicle Combat mod also improves the police system and the hit points of the vehicles.

According to the police system in the basic game, assaulting an officer or murdering civilian causes the police to spawn on foot following the player. This system has been completely redesigned, and the breakdown is as follows:

Enemies in their respective faction areas, such as Maelstrom in Northside or Valentinos in Heywood, now have the ability to summon backup. This is a cutability named “Call Reinforcements,” and it includes animations and decision making.

A bar will display over their head, similar to when you upload a quick hack, so you can see how close the call is to being completed, as well as who is making the call. These may be disrupted by a variety of effects, including Sonic Shock, EMPs, Memory Wipe, and knocking the adversary down.

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When an opponent calls for backup, a star is added to the system, and backup enemies come. These backup adversaries will be from their faction’s territory. As the number of V’s stars increases, more tough adversaries appear in larger numbers.

These backup opponents will now appear in cars and pursue the gamer. Stars are no longer immediately triggered by attacking officers or murdering civilians. Although policemen in districts with a bigger police presence, such as Downtown or North Oak, might call for help.

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At 4 stars, MaxTac will come instead of the area’s faction. The security turrets will also be activated. Once MaxTac arrives, no additional calls will be made. MaxTac will murder both the player and anybody else who is in his way. Militech, rather than MaxTac, arrives in the Badlands.

MaxTac has been vastly improved. There is only one sort of MaxTac adversary in the base game. This mod adds five new enemies: a Mantis, a Sniper, a Shotgunner, a Heavy, and a Netrunner.

MaxTac’s numbers have also been enhanced, and they now have new abilities. What makes them more deadly is that they now have a specific ability that allows them to regain health quickly.

There have been several enhancements to the spawning, AI, pursue mechanisms, and other features of these backup opponents.

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