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Android 14: How To Add Battery Widget On Pixel Devices

Android 14 Beta 4 is finally here after a few weeks of Android 14 Beta 3.1. Now Android 14 has reached its second platform stability, which indicates the final conclusion of APIs and app behaviour. Along with the bug fixes, Google has added a new Battery Widget in the settings menu on the Pixel devices. 

For your information, Google added a new battery widget earlier in Android 12L, which provides battery status and shows the accessories connected to your phone. With the release of Android 14, Google has added this battery widget to the Settings menu, allowing users easy access to it. 

How To Add Battery Widget On Pixel Devices

Battery widget:

Google has introduced a new way to get to the battery widget by adding the battery section in the Settings menu in the Android 14 Beta, which provides the battery statistics of the phone and all the other devices which are connected to the phone, such as Pixel Buds or Pixel case and other supported devices.

How to add a battery widget on your Pixel devices?

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Tap on the Battery tab.
  • Click on the Battery Widget option.
  • While tapping on the Battery Widget option, you will get a pop-up notification of the preview of the battery widget and an opportunity to apply the battery widget to add it to your home screen.
  • Once done, the widget will be automatically applied to your home screen.
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