Google Maps Lets Users Swipe Up To Hide The Search Bar & Other UI

Google, as per the convenience of the users, has made some minor changes in Google Maps, which will surely improve usability and enhance the practical experience. The latest change is available on both Android as well iOS devices. 

So, now the users don’t have to tap anywhere on Map to hide the search and bottom bar as well, not even other UI elements, to put the focus entirely on the Map. Instead of this, that measure is now enabled by just swiping up on the search bar, which Google describes with a prompt that seems like, “To see the full map, swipe up on the search bar.”

It is not as intuitive as touching wherever you want on the mad to hide. That indication made sensory faculty as the users are physically associated with the layer that they wish to well focus on.

The dispute for this latest signal is that the users are acting upon what they want to get empty of. The company stated that the users still touch to bring back the UI. 

Apart from all this, there are some scenarios where the users helpfully need to swipe up at least twice to hide it. Now if we take a look at the “Latest in sheet reaches its highest point from the bottom bar, then the first swipe will help in removing that UI, while the other one for all the other UI. 

However, if location listings are up, the users only have to swipe up once. The latest change helps by tapping anywhere drops a pin instantly now, which could be studied and aimed. This scheme of tap to hide was driven in for years in Google Maps and is a clear one. Similarly cannot be said about this latest new change, especially after knowing how inconvenient a swip-up is as compared to a down when unclicking sheets. 

If the reports are to be believed, then in the Google Maps Helps forum in February, the tap gesture being removed first emerged. At the moment, this change has been in limited testing, but it is expected that soon it will take the floor.  


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