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Android: How To Manage Your Ad Privacy Settings?

Android is constantly working to keep you safe and protect your privacy when you use apps. New features are being released to protect your identity and give you more control over what ads advertisers want to show you. In that context, you can manage your new ad privacy experiences in your Android settings. 

Moreover, Android Notes the topics of interest based on your app usage. Apps can also store information related to your interests with Android. An app, which you later use, may ask you about your ad topics or ads suggested by apps you have used before in order to show you more relevant ads. Limited types of data may be shared between apps and sites in order to measure advertising performance.

In addition, you can opt out of these features at any time in your privacy settings. In your Apps, the ads you see may be personalized based on these particular settings, i.e., your Advertising ID settings and the policies of the Apps you use.

Ad Topics:

To personalize your advertising experience, Android remembers topics of interest to you based on the apps you use on your smartphone. You can also delete issues you don’t want to share with apps. Android will share up to 3 topics at a time with an app. When you delete a topic, Android won’t share that topic again, but you may still receive ads related to that topic.

Apps-suggested apps: 

For a more personalized experience, apps you use can recommend and send you ad suggestions about the things of your interest. And if you don’t want that app to suggest ads for you, you can block that app. 

Ad measurement:

The applications you use may share a limited amount of data to measure their ads’ performance. 

Android devices: Managing Ad privacy settings

Although you can turn or off this feature at any time. Here are the instructions which you can follow to get started:

  • Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  • Tap Security and Privacy.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Select Other privacy settings.
  • Choose Ads.
  • Now click on Ad Privacy.
  • Here you will see two more options, app suggested ads and ad measurement, respectively.
  • Tap on the Ad topics.
  • Under Ad Topics, select the issues you want to block >> tap OK.

Similarly, by tapping Ads privacy >> Ad measurement >> Turn Allow ad measurement on or off.

New Ads Privacy Features

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