Google Bard Introducing Enough AI Power To Gmail, YouTube & More

Google introduced an artificial intelligence chatbot known as Bard to other members of its digital family in March, which includes (Gmail, Maps, and YouTube). It was just Google’s answer to OpenAI’s hugely popular ChatGPT. Now, the brand is providing the latest update, “Bard,” by which its capabilities get expanded. Let’s start with discussing what Bard is offering through the latest update. 

What’s Improving In Bard With The Latest Update

According to the information mentioned in the Bard blog, it is revealed that Google’s AI tool is integrating access to necessary applications such as Maps, YouTube, Hotels, and more just to simplify the process of gaining real–time information. The reason behind these new improvements is that the users can flawlessly merge data from a lot or multiple sources. Now, the users will get information quickly and quickly. These extensions are enabled by default, and one can disable them anytime. 

Now, the users can enable Bard to interact with vast amounts of information from their Gmail, Docs, and Drive so they can find, summarise, and answer questions across their content. Users can collaborate with their information alongside the world’s information, with Bard as their creative partner. 

Powered by Google Search, the [G] button helps users cross-check Bard’s AI-generated responses. The blog post mentioned the note, “The links provided are content found by Search and do not imply these sources informed Bard’s initial response.” 

While people used to share a Bard conversation with the users through Bard’s public link-sharing feature, the users can continue that conversation in their account and build off what they started. This creativity aims to make it easier for the users to use conversations shared by others as a first point for their own creative explorations. 

Now, the users can upload images with Google Lens, get Google Search images in responses, and make the responses of Bard simpler, longer, shorter, professional, and user-friendly in all supported languages. Due to this, the users can quickly fulfill their needs and get more control over their creative process. The latest update provides more creativity and enhanced experience to the users. 

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