Google Offering New “Memory” Feature To Bard 

Bard is a new tool that helps in exploring creative ideas and explaining things user-friendly and quickly. Basically, it’s just a Google AI experiment that has the ability to generate text, translate languages, write multiple types of creative content and more. Now, soon, Google is offering the ability to Bard just to adapt to users by remembering important details that they tell the AI chatbot. 

While chatting with Bard at the moment, each and every new conversation starts from a clean slate, which means if the users and their friends ask Google’s AI a similar question, then it will give them pretty similar answers. There are some details the Bard will use to personalise users’ answers; for instance, their current location, or during the recently announced “Extensions”, can click into things like their Gmail inbox. 

However, in some scenarios, some details can be deadly dull to remind the AI regarding at the beginning of each and every conversation. For example, if users are on a gluten-free diet or have any kind of food allergies, they need to mention that to Bard every single time they use it to ask for recipe ideas. 

It appears that the brand Google is working on a new way for Bard just to make it capable of remembering important details about users and their preferences. Dylan Roussel has revealed that the upcoming latest feature named “Memory” will help the Bard account for specific details the users share with it and use them to improve future results. Jumping on the previous version of the UI, Google provides a few examples of what Bard can be asked to remember: I try to avoid eating meat. I have 2 kids. 

The brand stated that, in these examples, it assumes that “avoid eating meat” would be used to improve recipe suggestions. In contrast, the second one, “I have 2 kids”, will surely be used for scenarios like travel recommendations and portions for meal ideas. On the opposite side, the same functionality has already arrived for ChatGPT in the form of custom instructions. 

Also, from the Memory page, the users get access through the left side menu, by which they are able to add new preferences. The similar page will also permit them to delete memories that are inconvenient or incorrect. However, for an extra layer of privacy, it might be possible to quickly and easily turn off Bard’s Memory using a toggle on the left side of the screen. This should make it simple to start conversations that are not based on memories. 

Moreover, it is yet to be known exactly how the Memory feature will work out, but surely it will be a convenient innovation. 


Google Bard

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