YouTube Music Introducing Auto-Downloads For Podcasts 

World of Music – Yes! We are talking about YouTube Music. Google has allotted lots of features to the platform as per the convenience for enhancing the users’ experience. Now, the company is adding another new facility named auto-download podcasts. How good it is to hear that the users are getting one more ability. 

Google is providing the ability to YouTube Music to auto-download podcasts. Now, while visiting a show page and then clicking on the new settings, gear icon to “Saved to the library.” This will display a new button, which is “Turn on auto-downloads”, and offers the facility to instantly download the most recent episode to your device for offline listening. 

The brand has released this auto-downloads for podcasts update with its identification version number, which is 6.21 of YouTube Music for both Android and iOS devices. 

However, as of today, the brand never introduces the feature of automatically deleting once episodes users have finished listening. Files may be deleted after a new episode is available and downloaded or after a set time limitation increment, for instance, a full day, but noticeably, the company has just been able to test that. 

The auto-removal setting, for now, is not available in YouTube Music, which other clients primarily use. On the opposite side, Google Podcasts has an option named “Remove completed episode” preference, which permits the users to specify the increment: After 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days. The application also provides the “Remove unfinished episodes” control. 

Jumping on the auto-download, which works on a per-show basis, the users must have to enable the option individually per device. Google podcasts provide a dedicated Auto Downloading page, which helps the users easily and quickly toggle on or off downloads. The random equivalent in YouTube Music is simply going to the Library tab >> Podcasts filter >> Downloaded to manage using the individual overflow menus. 

The major feature that is on the way is subscription via RSS as that would turn YouTube Music into a straightforward podcast player, which does not even require shows first to make and upload video versions; however, Google is also preparing for an automated flow. It is expected the former is arriving soon. 


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