One UI 6.0 Camera Key Features 

Samsung is on the way to roll out its latest major One UI 6.0 update to its Galaxy devices. The company, in its Samsung Developer Conference 2023 (SDC23), announced some new special features plans, in which One UI 6.0 is top-notch. Undoubtedly, the fan community waited for this update for so long, and to increase the enthusiasm among them, here are the key camera features that the update will bring. 

The Korean tech giant, through this One UI 6.0 update, is offering lots of new features, improvements, and changes for enhancing the users’ experience at their convenience. Out of the bundle of new features, some of them are Cameras. Let’s discuss what they are. 

What’s New In-Camera With One UI 6.0 

The camera is one of the essential parts of the device, so it’s pretty obvious to upgrade it. Samsung, with the One UI 6.0 update, is offering lots of new features for enhancing the user-capturing experience. 

  • Simple and intuitive design 
  • Camera widgets customization
  • More alignment control for watermarks
  • Quick access to resolution settings 
  • Improved video size selection
  • Keep your pictures level
  • Quality optimization 
  • New Auto FPS options for videos 
  • Use effects more easily 
  • Turn off swipe up & down to switch cameras 
  • Documents scanning gets easy 

These are the key features that One UI 6.0 is bringing. Let’s discuss the detailed information about all these features and exactly how they work. 

Simple & Intuitive Design 

Samsung, through this new update, offers a totally new layout of the Camera app, and it has been simplified. At the top of the screen, Quick settings buttons are placed and have been renovated to be easier to understand. So now, the users will get a simple and user-friendly interface of the Camera app. 

Camera Widgets Customization 

Now, users are getting the ability to add custom camera widgets to their Home Screen. They are also able to set each widget to start in a particular shooting mode and save images in an album of their choice.   

Extra Alignment Control For Watermarks 

Now, the users, as per their convenience, have the ability to choose either their watermark to come into view at the top or bottom of their photos. Basically, they can choose where they want to put the watermark on their images. 

Quick Access To Resolution Settings 

The company, through this update, placed the resolution button in Quick Settings at the top of the screen in Photo and Pro modes, by which they can quickly change the resolution of the photos they take. 

Improved Video Size Selection 

Now, the users will appear a pop-up whenever they tap the video size button, that makes it easier for them to view all the options and choose the right ones. In short, the video size selection will be enhanced with the One UI 6.0 update. 

Keep Your Pictures Level 

Now, the users will see a level line in the center of the screen while using the rear camera in all modes except Panorama whenever they turn on grid lines in Camera settings. Also, the line will move to display whether the users’ pictures are level with the ground or not. 

Quality Optimization 

The company now offers the ability to the users so they can choose between 3 levels of quality optimization for the pictures they capture. Also, they can Choose Maximum to get the highest quality images. For capturing pictures as fast as possible, they can Choose Minimum. Apart from this, the users can also choose Medium to get the best balance of speed and quality. 

New Auto FPS Options For Videos 

Auto FPS helps the users in recording brighter videos even in low-light scenarios. Now, the company is offering 3 new options to Auto FPS. The users as their choice, can turn it off, use it for 30 fps videos only, or use it for both 30 fps and 60 fps videos. 

Use Effects More Easily 

Now, the users are easily able to use or apply the effects. The filter and face effects with this upgrade use a dial in place of a slider, which makes it too easy to make precise adjustments with just one hand. 

Turn Off Swipe Up & Down To Switch Cameras 

One UI 6.0 update allowing the users to swipe up or down to switch between the front and rear cameras is now optional. In the scenarios where the users are concerned about accidental swipes, they can also turn this off in Settings. 

Documents Scanning Gets Easy 

After upgrading the system with One UI 6.0, the Scan document feature will get separated from Scene optimizer so the users can scan documents even after Scene optimizer is turned off. While the new Auto scan permits users to scan documents automatically whenever they capture a picture of a document. After a document is scanned, they will be taken to the edit screen, where they are able to rotate their document to align it the way they want. 

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