YouTube Is Introducing A Dozen New Features Including Stable Volume

  • The company started releasing new features and design updates.
  • YouTube Brings Stable volume, Long press To 2x, Bigger preview thumbnail, You tab, and more. 
  • All these changes and new features will roll out gradually to users around the world in the upcoming weeks.

YouTube introduced dozens of features during a couple of months to enhance the audience’s experience but the catch is only for the premium members who pay for the exclusive service and some were in development, and now finally the brand has decided to roll out all the exclusive features to all for adding more modern design elements that helped the audience feel extra immersed while watching videos. 

The company started releasing new features and design updates gradually. Now the audience will get more control over how they watch. In this article, we are discussing all the detailed information regarding all new features. 

YouTube New Features:

Stable Volume 

Now to enhance the watching experience YouTube is offering better control on mobile devices, by rolling out the “Stable Volume” feature which will get automatically turned on to reduce jarring differences in volume, it helps in an overall improved watching, listing, and of course experience. 

Long Press To 2x

The audience is well familiar with the playback speed on YouTube. So now the users who are enjoying watching videos double time, it’s now easier to do so. While watching a video whether in full screen or portrait mode, by just pressing and holding down anywhere on the player it will automatically bump the user’s playback speed to 2x. Also, the company is making this feature available on the web, tablets, and mobile devices as well. 

Bigger Preview Thumbnail

YouTuber for finding the best moments easily and quickly in videos, introducing bigger preview thumbnails while the users seek. The company is also offering ease to change their mind in the scenario where they start seeking and then want to go back, so they have a finger to where they started and lift when they feel a vibration. The company will help the users by snapping them back to the exact part of the video where they have left off. So now the users don’t have to struggle to find out from where they have left off. 

You Tab 

YouTube is offering users more intuitive ways to find all their YouTube stuff in one place, for which it is merging the Library tab and account page into a totally new home named “You Tab.” It will help the users find their previously watched videos, playlists, downloads, and purchases, as well as the settings related to their account, and channel information. The users can find this new You tab where the Library tab used to be on the web, mobile, and tablets. 

Search By Voice Or Song 

The brand is rolling out a new feature, through which the users are getting a new ability to search for a song by just playing, singing, or even humming. It is using AI to match the sound to the original recording. So now in the scenario where the users got that tune and they just can’t get out of their head and the lyrics got out of their mind, then this feature will literally help them. However, the company stated that this feature will roll out in the next few weeks, and will be available on Android devices for now. 

Animations That Celebrate Meaningful Moments 

Now while watching, whenever the creator of the video uses the ‘like’ or ‘subscribe’ word then a visual cue like a kind of blinking will automatically appear in sync with the video. And whenever the audience smashes that button, a subtle explosion of playful sparkles will reward them. So now whenever the audience watches on the web or mobile, the page may react to what a creator says. 

Also, the top comments automatically rotate so they can scan the best commentary from the community. On the other side, for new video uploads, the company is adding a new animation that upgrades view count and like count in real time for the first 24 hours to show exactly how many other audiences are engaging with what they are watching. 

Few More Touches 

For modernizing YouTube on Smart TVs, the company is offering a few more touches to make it easier to navigate videos. On Smart TVs, the audience is getting the ability to find detailed information about a video they are watching in a new vertical menu which empowers quicker access to features for instance the video description, comments, the subscribe button, and video chapters. The users have to click on the video title while watching a video to pop up the menu. The company is also offering similar improvements on the web and mobile, including a scrollable description section along with a cleaner design. 

However, all these changes and new features will roll out gradually to users around the world in the upcoming weeks. 

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