Telegram Rolled Out Christmas Updates, Introduced Channel Appearance, And More

  • Telegram introduced its latest Christmas update, offering several new features for its users.
  • Telegram’s Christmas update has arrived with Custom Channel Appearance, Share posts in Stories, and more.
  • This update will allow users to have a much better and enhanced user experience.

Telegram, the most popular instant messaging application with millions of daily active users, has always worked to provide an intuitive and enhanced user experience. In the same context, with the Christmas update, the instant social media platform has released several new features for the users. These features include a customized Channel Appearance, shared Posts in Stories, huge Premium gifts, and more.

With the latest Christmas update, Telegram has rolled out some new features that will offer users a much better and customized user experience. 

Channel Owners Gains The Capability to Customize Channel Appearance

With the latest update, channel owners will now be able to customize their channel appearance according to the levels that are gained through the boosts from their subscribers and giveaways. Besides the capability to add colours to their messages, Channel owners will now be able to select different colours and logos for their profile cover, set their preferred emoji status, and even wallpapers, which will appear to all the members who open the channel.

Other than that, for setting channel emoji status, channel owners will have a slew of emoji options, from cryptic hotdogs to animated emojis. In order to customise your channel, open your channel’s Profile and then select Channel Settings >> followed by the Appearance option.

Sharing Posts in Stories

Channel owners can now repost their posts in their stories, which creates a significant copy of the message that can be moved, resized, and decorated. When anyone views your story, they just need to tap it to open the message in your channel. Meanwhile, reposts support all message types, from photos and files to voice and video messages. 

On the flip side, the repost feature will get some additional functionalities, such as interactive polls, over the next coming updates. Now, to repost a message to your story, tap on the Share Arrow present next to the message and select the Repost to Story option.  

Exciting Premium Gifts

Now, you can give a Telegram Premium as a gift to your multiple friends at once. In the Telegram Settings, the platform has added a new Gift Premium section, allowing you to select up to 10 users at a time and give them a Telegram Premium in just a single tap. On the other hand, if any of your friends already have a Telegram Premium subscription, then they can either save it to activate it later or even gift it to their friend.

You can even give a Telegram Premium subscription to your friends individually; just tap on their Profile>> Three Vertical dots >> Three horizontal dots >> Gift Premium. 

Check Custom Prizes & Winners lists in Giveaways.

Channel hosts can now set giveaway durations for a longer period of time and can even specify some additional prizes. While offering more transparency, the giveaway hosts can now tap to turn on the Show Winners toggle to notify the accounts who have won, which allows the lucky winners to get a notification in the form of a new Confetti-filled message. 

Telegram chooses the winners randomly, and it automatically distributes the Telegram Premium gift codes to the winners, while it’s all up to the Channel admins if they wish to include any additional prizes.

View Reposts & Reactions 

Telegram already allows users to see who viewed their story and how they have responded to it. With the latest update, the channel admins will now be able to see the reactions to their stories, and both the users and channel owners can see if someone has reposted their stories. 

Stories Get Photo Cutouts  

This latest update allows you to easily add your photo cutouts to your stories and now will be able to remove the background from your selected images. 

In order to add your Photo Cutouts to your story, just open the sticker panel icon in your Stories and tap on the Image option. Now, select the image that you wish to insert, and then tap on the “>” arrow; now select the Cut out option. Once you have selected the Cut out option, the background from your image will be removed. 

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