Is the Motorola Edge 50 Pro 5G Waterproof?

It’s been a short trend going on these days that several brands offer water repellent properties to their devices. While going on with the trend, Motorola has also induced water repellent properties in its latest phone, the Motorola Edge 50 Pro 5, which has been incorporated with several amazing features and specifications as well. With the phone yet to be introduced on the market, people might be wondering whether the new Motorola Edge 50 Pro 5G is waterproof or not.

Water repellent properties are signified by IP ratings, as the higher the IP rating, the greater the protection. An IP, or Ingress Protection Rating, is the standard mark that states that the device is tested against two kinds of ingress, solid and liquid, respectively. The rating has two digits; the first digit is for solid ingress, which is dust particles, while the second one is for liquid ingress, which is water. 

Simultaneously, Motorola has offered an IP68 rating to its new Edge 50 Pro, and most prominently, the IP68 rating is considered the highest mark of protection against both the solid and liquid components. In terms of the IP68 rating, the first digit, which highlights the protection against solid particles, is 6, which means that the phone is highly capable of withstanding the entry of fine dust or sand particles worry-free, making it entirely dustproof. 

On the flip side, the second digit in an IP68 rating is 8, which is considered the highest mark of protection against liquid components, which is water. This certainly means that the phone is capable of handling water splashes along with water submersion up to a few minutes in about a meter of water. Thus, it’s proven that the new Motorola Edge 50 Pro is both dustproof and waterproof.

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