Google Introduces 3 New Features To Google Pay To Enhance Your Online Shopping Experience  

Google is constantly working on enhancing the overall user experience of its entire services, including Google Pay. Google Pay is the most popular and widely used online payment service offered by Google. Meanwhile, Google is increasing the functionalities of its payment service while also making it much more convenient. Three new features have been added to Google Pay that will significantly help in enhancing the shopping experience of the users. 

Meanwhile, the three most essential topics that are important to note while checking out online are security, convenience, and accessibility to some smarter tools. Now that Google has addressed these topics, the company has released three new features for Google Pay users that will significantly drive their shopping experience to the next level during online checkout. 

1. Get your card benefits at the time of checkout

As you might have noticed at times while shopping online your credit cards offer you some incredible benefits and rewards, while it can take some tricks to figure out which reward or benefit is suitable for your purchase. Now, Google Pay will significantly display all your card benefits during your online checkout while also making it convenient for you to decide and choose the right card before making the purchase. 

2. Buy Now Pay Later is now available to more merchant sites

In this fast-paced world of technology, the Buy Now, Pay Later option has proved an icing on the cake for customers who love online shopping. Now, when checking out online with Google Pay, you will notice that this Buy Now Pay Later option is now available to more sites, as Google has just expanded this payment option to more merchant sites as well as Android apps that significantly offer much more flexibility in online payment methods. 

3. Autofill your card details using a fingerprint, face scan, or a PIN

The Autofill option on Chrome and Android helps customers save time during online checkout, which allows them to automatically fill up their shipping, payment, and billing details. This further provides shoppers with much quick and secure shopping experience. 

Google is now upgrading this functionality

Now whenever you check out online using the autofill on Chrome or Android, you will be provided with an option to autofill your entire card details similar to the methods you use to unlock your phone with a fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN, rather than manually entering your security code. This feature will allow you to verify all your card details and will streamline your online checkout process, ensuring more enhanced security.   

Google Pay

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