Google Is Working on Implementing a Circle to Search-Alike Feature Within Chrome On Desktop

Google has introduced one of the best features over the years, the Circle to Search that significantly allows users to search for everything and anything by simply highlighting the subject or drawing a circle so that Google could provide the complete details regarding the search without having to leave the app. Meanwhile, Google is implementing the same feature within Chrome on desktops.

Circle to Search For Chrome

Google’s new Circle to Search feature has been in the spotlight since its arrival and is highly-praised by the audience. This feature has proved to be a useful aspect of the Android ecosystem. The company has introduced the Circle to Search feature, which was initially reserved for the Samsung Galaxy Flagship, the Galaxy S24 series and later Google has expanded to more Android phones. Now, Google is looking to expand the Circle to Search feature to its browsing service Chrome. 

Google is working on a functionality on Chrome that looks exactly similar to Circle to Search

According to the information shared by @Leopeva64 on X, Google has been constantly working on a functionality that appears to be exactly similar to Circle to Search on Chrome. This looks basically like an up version of Google Lens, which is already available on Chrome. 

While pressing on the Google shortcut, an upgraded UI pops up on the screen which looks more or less similar to the UI on Android. After that, by clicking and drawing a circle on the screen will provide you the information regarding the highlighted item on the screen. However, this newest functionality is still under work on Chrome, currently, but it clearly appears to be more or less similar to Circle to Search on Android. 

Moreover, this Circle to Search functionality to Chrome for desktop is yet to get live, as it’s not clear when Google will make this feature available for all the users. Google has officially revealed that it is planning to introduce more AI features to Chrome, though it could probably arrive soon.

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