Double tap gesture feature of Android 11 should come with ColorOS 8

The recent release of Android 11 Developer Preview 4 has unveiled a new feature allowing users to perform an action by double-tapping on the back of the device. Since the ColorOS 8 will be based on Android 11, we want to see this amazing gesture with the next major version of ColorOS.

Currently, we are using the latest ColorOS 7 based on Android 10 in our Oppo smartphones. But you all know about ColorOS 8 is the next version for Oppo smartphones which is based on Android 11. So here we are talking about the Double-tap gesture feature of Android 11 that should come with ColorOS 8.

Here is the ColorOS 8 eligible device list based on the Android 11 update

These Android 11 features will be seen in ColorOS 8

Double tap gesture feature

The double-tap gesture allows users to trigger a number of actions by tapping twice on the back of the phone. Such as activating the voice assistant, snoozing alarms, controlling media, or stopping a timer.

Instead of requiring additional hardware, it uses sensors such as an accelerometer and gyroscope to detect the user’s double-tap actions on the back of the phone and respond accordingly.

The double-tap gestures also support actions such as – launching the camera, silent phone calls, unpin notifications, and others.

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