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How To Fix The Not Working e-SIM Card In Your Phone?

Once in a while, all of you have ever heard about the e-SIM Card (embedded sim card). It is a form of programmable sim card which does not need any physical Sim card as we usually use on our phones.

It is the future of sim cards, where e-SIM cards will be registered online and implanted in our smartphones by the carrier network provider company. In India, Companies like Jio and AirTel offer e-SIM cards for customers. Read more How To Recover Uninstalled System App In Realme Smartphone

The exciting thing is, this e-SIM card works the same as our physical sim card, or better than that, the e-SIM card will be embedded in your phone, so it does have a chance to damage. And if a thief stole your phone, then also, it cannot be removed by any physical means, easily the thief can be located. Plus, however, the physical sim card is small, but it is plastic, so no pollution by plastic chips.  Read more How To Use Nearby Share In Realme Smartphones?

Let’s come to the topic; if you have purchased the e-SIM Card and are new users of the e-SIM Card, and are facing various types of issues and probably don’t know, how to fix them, then You came to the right place in this article we will teach you how you can install the e-SIM Card in your phone. 

How To Fix The Not Working e-SIM Card In Your Phone:

Note: To fix this issue, you can do several things given below, and it is expected that by these tips, your problem may be solved.

  • Turn On/Off Airplane mode. 
  • Restart your phone. 
  • Re-install e-SIM 
  • Turn e-SIM On/Off
  • If all the things did not work, then contact customer care support by any other phone. 
  • If customer care did not support you well, then visit the network provider store and ask them to fix it. 

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