Fitbit Latest Update Brings Redesign To Android & iOS

Fitbit is a part of Google, which helps users to make health and wellness features accessible to them. It is an application for health and fitness. However, Google has kept the Fitbit app the same for the past few years. Meanwhile, it has introduced many new features, but those weren’t significant changes, and it literally needs redesign for a fresh vibe. Finally, today, the latest Fitbit application redesign is released globally on both Android and iOS. 

Now, through the app’s redesign, the users will see the “Today” tab, and then the top four main stats will appear. They can customize each slot, whereas Fitbit offers a handful of presets; for instance, Get more active (Steps, Active Zone Minutes, distance, calories burned), Reduce stress, Sleep better, and Improve heart health. For Customise, users must scroll down to the bottom of this feed, which is also how you show and hide other metrics. 

With the latest update, stats are put straight by Activity (AZM, floors, and more.), Health includes heart rate, HRV, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, and mindfulness. The company can arrange in what order all those groups appear to the users. Also, they can toggle individual stat cards.  

The FAB slides up a panel where users get permission to “Track a session” of their exercise or sleep or “Log an entry” for activity, weight, water, and more. Through the latest update, the company made the graphics and icons modern, attractive, and consistent. Also, the metrics now take full advantage of more fluent or consistent charts. 

Jumping on the next tab, “Coach,” is placed in the tall Material You bottom bar, and “Collections” allows users to quickly and efficiently dive into Favourites, Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Recipes, and What’s new. With the help of filters, one can search by duration, equipment, intensity, and format. Users will see carousels for specific instructors and brands on the main interface, such as Calm. 

At last, the “You” tab is placed with badges and health assessments. Also the links to Community are found. For accessing messages and notifications, a messages bubble icon will appear just beside the user’s profile avatar, and on the other hand, device preferences are placed on the other end of the app bar. 

With the last update, Fitbit became more user-friendly, so they can easily and quickly use the app flawlessly and get an enhanced experience. 


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