Is POCO F6 5G Waterproof?

In today’s fast-paced world, every smartphone brand wants to keep itself at the top by introducing a significantly infused device with several unique properties. One such property is the inclusion of water repellency. An IP rating, in technical terms, denotes this water repellency. It has become a global trend, as several Android partners have offered IP ratings to their devices. Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO has recently introduced a new device, the POCO F6, which has arrived with an IP rating, but what does it mean?

Android partners, including POCO, offer an IP or Ingress Protection rating to their devices. This industry-level standard significantly highlights that the device is being tested for protection against two types of ingress—solid and liquid, respectively—under IEC-certified laboratories. Solid ingress is fine dust or sand particles, while liquid ingress is basically water. 

The IP rating consists of two digits. The first digit is for solid ingress, which ranges from 0-6, while the second digit signifies liquid ingress and ranges from 0-8. The higher the IP rating, the higher the protection. Meanwhile, the POCO F6 has been offered an IP64 rating, meaning the phone is dust and water-resistant. Here’s why- 

 POCO F6 5G IP Rating, Water Resistance Explained

The POCO F6 has an IP64 rating. The first digit following the IP rating is 6, which highlights that the device is capable of withstand the entry of fine dust or sand particles easily. The second digit in the IP rating is 4, which is considered the least amount of protection against liquids. This means that the device is capable of withstanding some water splashes. Hence, it’s proved that the new POCO F6 is dust and water-resistant but not waterproof. 

Moreover, the POCO F6’s water resistance is not permanent and can easily deteriorate naturally over time. Hence, it’s not advisable to immerse the phone completely in water, as seawater or chlorinated water can harm the internal components of the device.  

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