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How to turn on WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) in Realme smartphones



Recently, Realme rolled out an update for Realme X2 Pro, and this is an important update for X2 Pro. Realme users were unable to wait anymore for the WiFi calling feature, Realme promised that it will update the Realme X2 Pro in January with the first VoWiFi (WiFi calling) feature. And finally the update is has been arrived. So today we are talking about how to turn on WiFi calling (VoWiFi) feature on Realme X2 Pro.

What is VoWiFi Calling?

It enables users to use smartphones that support VoWiFi to dial numbers to use voice when a Wi-Fi connection is available. Users can make outgoing calls even where there is poor cellular connectivity and is designed to address problems of insufficient coverage, especially indoors. So, the VoWiFi enabled SIM is required but it uses the Wi-Fi network to actually make the calls.

Users incur no extra charge for voice calls made with VoWiFi, but they will need to have an active tariff plan (by the telecom provider) that supports VoWiFi. To use this feature, it must be supported by your carrier/mobile operator in the area where you are using it, as well as the mobile phone.

In order to turn on this feature on Realme X2 Pro (and other realme smartphones), please follow the following steps~

How to turn on WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) in Realme X2 Pro

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Go to the Settings app and select SIM Card & Mobile Data option and Tap on SIM 1 (Make sure you have Airtel/JIO SIM inserted)

  • Then select the option Wi-Fi calling and turn it on. Under the Wi-Fi calling preferences, you should select Wi-Fi calling preferred option.

  • In some time, you can see VoWiFi calling icon in the status bar
  • You are all set now! Whenever you will get a call from the other party using the same feature, you can notice the HD icon on the In-call UI besides the call timer.


1. The quality of the call depends on the Wi-Fi connection speed

2. At present, only Airtel and JIO network supports VoWiFi

VoWiFi is the newest and a smart way to get better network. Simply latch on to a Wi-Fi connection and conserve your mobile data.

[Official] Here’s the list of Realme devices that will get VoWiFi Calling

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