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How To Create WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application, is getting better day by day. Since its launch, users have seen a massive evolution of this application. In a series of new updates, this Meta-owned application has introduced the WhatsApp Channels, a private way to get all the important updates from certain people or any organizations straight within WhatsApp. In this article, you will learn about how you can create your own WhatsApp Channel in no time.

WhatsApp Channels:

A couple of days ago, WhatsApp launched an exciting feature known as WhatsApp Channels in India, and now it has been rolled out globally. Generally, WhatsApp Channels is a private method of receiving several updates to users that are important to them from various Channels they follow, including famous celebrities, some organizations, sports teams, artists, and content creators, straight within WhatsApp.

Moreover, Channels are the broadcasting tool that allows admins to send various photos, texts, videos, polls, and stickers. Recently, with a new update, WhatsApp has changed the Status Tab and replaced it with a new tab called Updates. You can find the Channels in a new tab known as Updates on WhatsApp. The Channels you follow are kept separate from your chats with your friends and family.

WhatsApp Channels: Most privately built tool

WhatsApp claims that Channels have been built keeping the user’s privacy in mind. Beginning from protecting the personal information of Admins and Followers, if you follow any Channel, then your phone number will not be revealed to the Admin and other followers within the Channel, and to whom users decide to follow is completely their choice and is most private.

Additionally, the Channel history on WhatsApp’s servers will be stored only for up to 30 days. Admins can decide whom they want to follow on their Channel, alongside whether they wish to show their Channel in the directory or not.

Creating WhatsApp Channels: here’s how to?

Do note that several users have got the latest WhatsApp Channels updates. So, if you haven’t got the update yet, you have to wait for a while, as the rolling out process is happening gradually, and you will get the Channels update in a few upcoming days. 

Following a simple process, you can easily create your own WhatsApp Channels:

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the Updates tab.
  • Now tap on the (+) icon.
  • Select Create Channel and then hit Continue.
  •  Give your Channel a name and description
  • Finally, tap on Create Channel.
  • Your WhatsApp Channel has been successfully created.
Whatsapp create channels
Whatsapp Channel

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