Realme will only make top of the range with high refresh rate in 2020

In mobile technology the new trend of Camera and Display. The fight against a refresh rate that exceeds 60Hz, as well as the fight against the number of pixels, is one of the battlegrounds of 2020. All brands, none excluded, intend to present devices with a high refresh rate to earn a greater share of the market. On the other hand, a higher number (90, 120Hz) means greater fluidity; greater fluidity means smoother scrolling; Smoother scrolling means better user experience. You will agree with us that companies must focus on this key and obviously Realme will not be outdone. In fact, he announced that all this year’s flagships will be equipped with a display with a high refresh rate.

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According to the Realme’s CEO, Xu Qi Chase says: this year’s top of the range will all have a high display refresh rate. In the last period, the company’s smartphones that support a refresh rate of a certain level are Realme X50 Pro and X2 Pro. These two reach 90Hz and especially the first has been named by many as the cheapest among the devices with “gaming” displays. We put it in quotes since it is not a device of this kind in all respects. However, the announcement of Xu Qi Chase gives hope for something better for the rest of 2020.

To the question of a user who asks “Realme flagships will not have a 60Hz display this year, will they?”, The CEO of Realme China replies: “The Realme flagships of 2020 will all be by default with a screen that supports a high refresh rate ”

Without a doubt, this feature is in great demand and the choice will be rewarded by users. As we mentioned earlier, in fact, a higher refresh rate corresponds to better user experience, this is because the fluidity of the display is more “smooth”. It should not be forgotten, however, that this feature also has negative sides: firstly the price. This will necessarily go up since today the displays support up to 60Hz. Secondly, the battery life: the consumption of the 90 and 120Hz displays is naturally higher and to overcome this problem the company can resort to two tricks. One of them is to expand the capacity of the cells in his smartphones, the other is further optimize their operating system. In this case, the developers of Realme UI still have a lot of work to do.

Let’s not forget that the prices of these top of the range Realme must be competitive, given the terrain in which the clash takes place: see Redmi and similar.

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