The latest ColorOS 7.2 system: Fast app startup speed, one handy and gravity wallpaper

Recently, the OPPO Reno4 Pro that my colleagues started with looks really cool. The ColorOS 7.2 system on this phone not only continues the many advantages of the ColorOS 7 system but also has been further optimized on the original basis. The added functions are not only more practical but also make the phone more interesting.

Fast Apps Startup Speed

For example, in the process of using mobile phones, we often encounter the problem of slow startup speed of mobile applications. The ColorOS system after ColorOS upgrade can pre-load applications according to the frequency and habits of users using various applications at various times of the day, greatly reducing The time required for the user to open the application.

One Handy

When we use mobile phones, we often encounter situations where we need to open the mobile app to read messages while holding things in one hand. However, the screen of the mobile phone is very large, and the hand is not big enough to open the app. The intimate ColorOS 7.2 system is designed. The icon sink function can sink the icon to the lower left or lower right area, which is convenient for us to operate the phone with one hand.

Gravity Wallpaper

In addition to some practical functional upgrades, the ColorOS 7.2 system is still a very interesting system. When you dislike your own boring wallpaper, the gravity wallpaper function of the system can change the direction according to the change of the gravity of the mobile phone to make your wallpaper move.

When you don’t know what to eat or where to go to play today, the “it’s up to you” function can also help you make decisions. Such a fun ColorOS system, are you sure not to come to understand?

These new Android 11 features are already available on OPPO’s ColorOS 7


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