You Must Know These 9 Best New Features Of OxygenOS 13

On August 032022, OnePlus raised the curtain on its OxygenOS 13 and introduced the feature to the users based on Android 13 upgradation. After gradually rolling out the OxygenOS 13 stable update to all its devices company released the update for two of its Nord series devices. i.e., Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 Lite.

As you know, OxygenOS is the most refined and easy User Interface. It offers a smooth experience and gives a fast performance in most situations compared to other company UI.

And On Feb 07, 2023, the company can introduce the OxygenOS 13.1 with OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R in the Cloud 11 event.

By reading all the above information, many users have become curious to know about the features of OxygenOS 13. For them, we have made a list of OxygenOS 13 features in this post. 

  • Always on Display is enhanced with three types of AOD features:
    • Canvas AOD- For making an artistic face and lock screen more attractive and with more battery efficiency features. 
    • Insight AOD- Integration with Spotify to control music without unlocking your device. Food delivery details will be on your locked screen like the Order accepted location of rider food is ready, and Order delivered. All this will be possible in this upgradation and integration with Zomato and Swiggy. 
    • Bitmoji AOD- To make yourself more attractive on your lock screen, you can now add Emojis and express your feelings. 
  • Aquamorphic Design- This design is truly a Nature-inspired design in every way, with the animations of water in an easy and simplified manner. It will help users easily access things with more creativity. 
  • ZEN mode-  As you know, in our everyday life, we mostly use gadgets, and the smartphone is the most important thing in every aspect; it comes into our daily life and daily routine. This feature will make you feel relaxed for at least for few minutes, where you can calm down and sit without a smartphone because ZEN Mode provides a feature in which all your other features will be locked for a few minutes, and there will be no disturbance. Only some important things like calls and other emergency features will be on until the timer ends. 
  • Spatial Audio With Dolby Atmos Support- This will give you an extraordinary feeling while listening to music, watching a movie or a video, and more. It will also enhance sound quality and other related activities so that you can experience real sound. 
  • HyperBoost, GPA4.0- Game lovers will love this feature because it will enhance the gaming performance more than before, and you can easily play any high animation graphic game without issues. As you know, OxygenOS already has a gaming space or game launcher that helps in playing games without any disturbance.  
  • Smart Launcher– This will make you more organized than in previous UI versions, allowing you to open apps from the folder icon so that you can become more organized and fast. 
  • Private Safe- Nowadays, everybody is concerned about the safety and privacy of their data, alway they want to protect themselves from outside threats or from their colleagues or friends. To them, this is made in a more featureful way; this will increase your safety and privacy.
  • Nearby Share– Sharing and exchanging long data is made easier and faster by this Nearby sharing; this will be officially added to OxygenOS 13. So that you could send any data without the internet within a few seconds or minutes (depending on data size). This will also help you save your RAM space because now, you do not have to install a third-party app to share data. 
  • Sidebar Toolbox floating Window– Nowadays, everybody is busy with their work, and every person needs a shortcut to finish their work fast and in a good way. Like that, you also need shortcuts for opening your smartphone’s favorite features and apps so that you can access them easily without searching and wasting time. This feature is very good for them, and they can add apps or settings they frequently use for fast access. Sidebar Toolbox floating Window will allow you to do it all things above. 

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