iPhone Needs Machine Learning Algorithms To Present Powerful Module To Optimize Apple AI Feature Faster

After Gemini and ChatGPT, the iPhone is also going to try its hand in the world of AI. Apple will present its artificial intelligence (AI) strategy during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024, which may also include many new features, said rumors.

This upcoming AI feature could replace Samsung’s Galaxy AI and Chatbot-style features by Oppo and integrate these AI features in a new way for its iPhone and other devices. New features intended for development right now will make them faster but may make them less powerful than rivals. 

According to the tech giant, the company is preparing to soon reveal its AI strategy which will be quite different from others. According to a report, instead of introducing AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Copilot or Gemini that provide a conversational interface to access AI tools and features, Apple may integrate it in a new way.

The iPhone maker has developed its algorithms at a high level, as can be seen in Siri, the Photos app and Personal Voice. There is speculation that generative AI features could also be added through an interface that does not require any commands, which may also become a problem in the future. 

However, Apple may equip the ability to keep AI features running within the device instead of in the cloud for privacy, which will improve the overall speed of the features. These features will not be as powerful as their competitors’ but will be able to offer different kinds of features.

A partnership with Google is a better option for Apple. This would allow it to participate in the newly arising problems with the upcoming AI system, so the company would soon have solutions to any kind of problem. However, Apple is known for innovation in current technology, which is capable of surprising users. 


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