Is Realme Narzo N65 5G Waterproof?

Going with the trend, several Android partners have started infusing water-repellent property within their devices, denoted by an IP rating, which has now become a worldwide craze. The IP rating is a benchmark indicating whether the device can withstand dust particles and water. Like several Android brands, Realme also offers an IP rating within its devices. The brand’s latest smartphone model, the Realme Narzo N65 5G, also comes with an IP rating, but does that rating make it waterproof? Here’s the complete explanation. 

Realme Narzo N65 5G IP54 Rating, Water Resistance Explained

The IP or Ingress Protection rating is an industry-standard measurement, providing a reliable indication of a device’s resistance to two types of ingress: solid and liquid. The IP rating is composed of two digits, the first indicating protection against solid ingress such as fine dust or sand particles, and the second indicating protection against liquid ingress like water spills. 

The first digit in an IP rating ranges from 0 to 6, where 6 is the highest mark of protection against dust particles, while the second digit ranges from 0 to 8, with 8 considered the highest level of protection against water. In contrast, the newest Realme Narzo N65 is offered an IP54 rating. But what does it mean?

The Realme Narzo N65’s IP54 rating signifies that the device is capable of withstanding some fine dust or sand particles (indicated by the first digit 5), but it is not designed for immersion in water (indicated by the second digit 4). Therefore, it can handle a few water splashes, making it water-resistant but not waterproof. It’s important to note that the Realme Narzo N65 is designed to be dust and water-resistant but not waterproof.  

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