Xiaomi HyperOS: Notification Spotlight Feature Explained

The great Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has significantly taken a big step towards making its devices much more advanced by introducing its latest custom Android skin, the Xiaomi HyperOS. The brand has officially started distributing the latest update to most flagship devices, with numerous eligible phones still awaiting the update. In the same series, most of the users have significantly received the latest Xiaomi HyperOS update. The new update has arrived with several impressive features, one of which is the latest notification spotlight feature. 

As mentioned, Xiaomi has introduced the Xiaomi HyperOS update with an array of impressive features, which is going to deliver a much more advanced user experience. Now that the new Xiaomi HyperOS is out and most of the flagship phones have already been received, it brings an all-new notification style feature that’s being called the Notification Spotlight feature. This new feature allows your device to use the custom notification format in order to highlight all your essential notifications. 

The new HyperOS Notification Spotlight feature is too simple and provides an interactive and playful look to all your incoming notifications, arranging all your incoming notifications within a separate card, which certainly makes it easier and quicker to navigate each notification. 

With that, all the arriving notifications will now have a new design, as the app notification card gets a rounded look both at the top and bottom, with rounded edges and a small dot in order to separate every notification. This will certainly help you get much more control over all your incoming notifications, while also making sure that you receive only those notifications that are important to you.

In contrast, in three different ways, you can easily turn on the new HyperOS Notification Spotlight feature: 


  • First off, long-press on the desired app.
  • Then tap on the App Info option. 
  • Enter the app information page and select Notifications.
  • Finally, tap to turn on the notification spotlight option. 


  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Tap on the Notifications & Status tab.
  • Choose the app notifications option.
  • Search for your desired app and select it.
  • Then, tap to enable the Notification Spotlight option.


  • On the Settings app,.
  • Select Apps, followed by Manage Apps.
  • Find your desired applications and open the app.
  • Click Notifications. 
  • Here, tap on the Notification Spotlight option.

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